2 / 5

  • Some new scenes, particularly as a narration of Deadpool 2 events
  • Pacing is ok

Given I have seen Deadpool 2 this past year, it was difficult for me to enjoy this film, so much so I just left. I already know the plot and understand how the variation is in the narration cutscenes. Sure I might have missed out on some fresh jokes in those narration cutscenes, but not worth my time sitting through viewing the whole Deadpool 2 film again, in an abridged version of sorts.

Now my rating of 2/5 is strictly based on my enjoyment of this film experience. I did not enjoy my time there watching this pan out much. All other factors were good (environment, filmgoers, time). Another factor to keep in consideration for my rating is that I literally rarely rewatch a movie anymore. I enjoy thoroughly the first-time experience of seeing a film. Sure there may be easter eggs and such that could be missed without a second viewing but the time exchange for a fresh new enjoyable experience is more valuable. Also, I’m not taking an exam based upon details of the film, which would require a minimum of a second viewing.

In my opinion, people can pass on this film. If you really desire to see it, just know the slight variations and perhaps be better off renting via Redbox later.


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