3 / 5

  • A unique perspective film; not profound but perhaps should be understood
  • Interesting in how it displays how people have different shifting focus drives in life
  • Good reminder of how people, even at young ages, feed mindsets to not be unique

This film personally did not hit close to home BUT interesting to understand other humans potential lives. Many grown adults still behave like these children in this film do. To clarify, many adults choose to: be negative, knock down other adult’s ideas, stay jealous, not focus on themselves, chase after short-lived highs, have negatively skewed viewpoints of groups without trying to know the folk (mom’s biased perspective in this film), etc.

Regardless we all live in an archaic society still. Adults watching this film won’t really be able to help the future generations. They won’t be able to because they are tied with work, families, responsibilities, etc. Therefore barely any time in their lives to really put forth more effort to change details of existence like this. However, if better automation occurs to free up more time in human being lives, then perhaps people will have no excuse to be better people. Children watching this film might or might not understand it, but regardless their parents are responsible for instilling proper values.

The skating life perspective was neat to see.

Check out Braille Skateboarding if you have never


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