Run Time: 2 hours 21 minutes


3.8 / 5

After the Kingsman headquarters are blown up by a psychotic criminal named Poppy Adams, the surviving agents find their way to an allied secret organisation based in Kentucky, named Statesman. The two agencies must now work together in order to save the world and take down the so called ‘Golden Circle’.


This film gets going with action within the first minutes viewing. Definitely a popcorn flick.


The tech is cool to see. The plot is kind of ridiculous. The President of the United States in the film basically willingly chooses to allow citizens die off. This is due to a drug being so commonly abused in the nation, of which was set to kill people later. That is without paying the drug lord Poppy for an antidote.


So the Kingsman have to acquire this antidote and kill villains. It is a race against the clock, as the drug starts taking effect to kill people nationwide. The president of the USA quarantines these infected people into cages within stadiums. Even a close aide in the White House was quarantined. People were led to believe they were going to the stadium to receive antidotes though…


The film feels a bit long

It is colorful or ‘poppy’ in visuals

Poppy makes burger meat out of ground up human beings. So there’s that. Made me not feel like eating a burger for a day or so, haha.

Compared to the first Kingsman film, there are many differences but then again some similarities in scenes.

Overall though, entertaining film. Just don’t expect an astounding plot.

julianne moore kingsman the golden circle.jpg


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