Run Time: 54 minutes


3.8 / 5

Jackie Chan can still kick butt

Great action film

Nothing really novel but entertaining

Short film to squeeze into your day

source (1).gif

These two have a great fight but it is short-lived

Nonetheless, Hollywood + Jackie Chan produce great action sequences

There are some scenes of incest, between the character fighting Jackie above and his Aunt. Hollywood and other media seem to be trying to irk people with incest just to spark topics of conversation from the film. Obviously. I don’t think incest is really that prevalent in society that it is being accurately portrayed in media. However, I don’t have the data to back that up. Nonetheless its disgusting given 8 Billion human beings exist. Regardless of how I feel about watching it in film, its been happening in films probably long before Star Wars (Original Trilogy).

source (2).gif


54-minute runtime

Action & good pacing

People die

Positive conclusion

gvCvrDx - Imgur.gif


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