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I watched Prometheus a few days before seeing this.


It isn’t the most profound or really a horror film. There are Aliens, they kill people.  More so the plot focuses in on A.I. David + Walter.


This film provided much to contemplate after viewing. Right from the start of the film, events occur which loop nicely at the end. I was intrigued about which technology David was utilizing. Furthermore, perhaps there are more sophisticated species luring David. Only time will tell.


If I were a much more intelligent species, of which had technology/weaponry significantly more sophisticated than David’s or human’s, I would let them decide their own fate.


It is either they “get too close to the sun” or merely get lost on the journey. It would be of no concern and much more for sport. Most likely more interesting to analyze how David plus his army of aliens, attempt an offensive. They are mortal after all.

There are plot holes.



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