3.8 / 5


Did not plan to see this. Barely even recall watching one trailer for it. Received a free screening.

Samuel L. Jackson has an infectious laughter. The chemistry is decent between Ryan Reynolds and him.

There are numerous action sequences, car chases, and whatnot. The film gets going from the start and is good at not letting up too much.


Where I have a nit-picky issue is the love interest of Ryan Reynolds’ character. Elodie Yung plays an Interpol officer. The script’s subplot of their love is just so stupid. It has some relevance, as to story progression, but is nonetheless stupid. Maybe in another perspective not, or perhaps it is a satire.

Samuel L. Jackson’s love interest Salma Hayek has a ridiculous love story. Really less relevant to the progression of the plot. Perchance the script was satirizing both subplots of love interests. Regardless, more Salma Hayek actually would have been fun to watch than the screen time of Elodie Yung.

I wasn’t quite a fan of the script for Salma Hayek’s character but she definitely is a better actor with better energy.


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