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1.2 / 5

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Ok, so this film was free to buy or rent via FandangoNOW, yesterday. I bought the 4K Ultra HD version, for free.

Do I recommend this? NO

I watched this film sober. But if you decide to watch this film, I HIGHLY recommend to at least be drunk.

Why did I watch this then? It has a freaking 82% on Rotten Tomatoes!

Now I know Rotten Tomatoes is not the golden rule or holy grail of reviews in any way. It merely is another aggregator of data. Thus useful, but I still have my favorite YouTube reviewers that I put much more trust in.

Reviews are merely opinions. Even my favorite YouTube reviewers reviewed films that I completely felt different about. That is fine. It is good to then figure out those differences in perspectives and taste. Also, everyone has different life experiences that will shape their mind.


CGI is  poop.jpeg even in 4K Ultra HD

The plot really feels as if it was made to seem dumb or a satire.

DESPITE all of that, I haven’t seen a film like it before. I am very fond of new experiences, music, art, food, and everything. I think with stagnation the brain slowly dies.

Would I see the other Sharknado films? Maybe if they are all free, and I’ll remember to be drunk, lol.

This is truly a film to see if you really don’t care about how you spend 90 minutes or so. I just finished my Final exam for a course. Thus I took the rest of the day to just waste time. FandangoNOW just so happened to be having a one day only, FREE buy or rent of Sharknado. Therefore, did not mind wasting/spending it via watching Sharknado.


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