3.3 / 5


I’m not really a person to watch dramas. It is not a method of how I desire to spend my time. However via reviews on YouTube long ago, this was stated to be a good show.

With Queen Elizabeth II only aging with time, I thought it would be nice to see a film based on her earlier life.


Definitely, a thing I can appreciate is, this royal family has experienced the changes of time. It was nice to see the different technology back in the day.

With their royal status, this family didn’t have to worry much about the stress of retaining jobs or most common-folk life.


Therefore an interesting glimpse into potentially what mattered to their lives.

An important thing to note is the limited freedom Queen Elizabeth II really had/has in making decisions and pursuing interests.

Her sister provided the glimpse into a person with the royal privileges and ‘freedom’. Still, there is a drama with her love interest and the limited freedom there to pursue her desires.


Even the power of Queen Elizabeth II could not override religious, societal, and political human-made constructs of the time period displayed.


Interesting to note as well, Queen Elizabeth II was mad about not learning a proper education. She was taught to basically attend the role. Which she admitted to being not fit to govern people that are more intellectual. This is what was portrayed in the show. Not sure if entirely factual.

Nonetheless interesting to witness her portrayed struggle with gaining her status, marriage, and decisions.



Winston Churchill has a nice story arc too


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