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47 Ronin

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This film has nice set pieces, environment landscapes, and interesting fantasy based upon the 47 Ronin.

The CGI for some scenes with beasts could be better polished. However, the story is intriguing with the aspect of witchcraft.


It does pay homage to the 47 Ronin. It does take some liberties with the fiction. This adds intriguing elements to the samurai.

Despite this film being released long ago, “The Great Wall” came to mind.



The Great Wall is a film made in Hollywood that attempts to pay homage to foreign films with a blend of intense fantasy. The script seems very horrible in terms of English grammar. However, the native tongue of Mandarin is spoken in this film with subtitles. If you know more than one language, you might know this too. If you don’t, now you will know. Most subtitle translations are very poor but do their best. This film knows it and feeds into the foreign film nature. If you know Mandarin, then this film will be more enjoyable since practically three methods of communication dialogue are used in this film. One is English, two being the subtitles, and then three is the native Mandarin.


47 Ronin is better than The Great Wall


They are not entirely the same type of film though, which must be considered. From an entertainment viewpoint, The Great Wall might be more fun for younger audiences. It has a lot of fantasy beasts and war battles going on.


From a perspective of a film quality blend of fantasy and non-fiction, 47 Ronin is much better.

47 Ronin was filmed a lot on location and built their own sets.

It looks awesome to see. The Great Wall was most likely mainly green or blue screen.

47 Ronin is definitely for a more mature audience.


3 / 5




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    1. Thank you critical optimist! Like your review as well. It is true that a lot of hard work and collaboration goes into producing any film. Great perspective shared

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